Testimonials from Dr. Chen's patients


M. Matson

I've been told that acupuncture is the oldest and best result for those who have pretty much any kind of issues health wise. I was VERY skeptical about trying or even putting any faith in needles or for that fact any kind of help from these traditions. So I finally got up the nerve and made an appt.with Dr.Chen.
I've been diagnosed with liver disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and high cholesterol. So with that I'm mind, you can say I'm in ALOT of pain constantly. After the first appointment with Dr. Chen (and this is not sugar coated, made up or imagined) I felt the pain get it's BUTT kicked LITERALLY!
If anyone has health issues I BEG you to make an appt with Dr. Chen.  As far as her "knowing what she is doing" there is NO doubt she KNOWS exactly what she is doing!
She is beyond AWESOME!!!!
So PLEASE believe me when you tell EVERYONE,  give her a call and find out I'm telling the truth about her and the treatment (s).
Thank you Dr. Chen!!!!!!!!



 I went to Dr. Chen mainly due to severe chronic knee pain from playing sports. My first visit was an amazing experience. Dr. Chen was very helpful and listened to all my concerns about where my pain was coming from which included not only pain in my knees but also my right hip and tightness in my lower back. She was very professional and worked with me to identify where the pain was most severe and explained the process of how this treatment would work thoroughly. After just one visit the pain in my knees was greatly reduced, pain in my right hip gone and tightness in my lower back also disappeared. I then scheduled a second follow up appointment since my knee pain was really severe to get another treatment. After the second treatment my knee pain is nearly completely gone. Im so thankful for Dr. Chen and what she has been able to do for me. Her prices are great especially for the service that you receive and she truly cares about you getting back to great health and works patiently with you to get you there. I highly recommend Dr. Chen for anyone dealing with any pain or discomfort.


Stefanie Elis

Dr Chen is excellent. She has really helped me to start healing several ailments in just the first few sessions. In addition to some issues with pain and digestion (and other conditions) she has also really helped me to reduce stress, improve my feeling of relaxation and sleep better. I highly recommend her!

Most importantly she really cares about making an impact on your health issues and is very knowledgeable.


Carol Klimek

I fractured my humerus bone in four places and was struggling with lifting my arm up. I went to Jessica for acupuncture and on the first visit I could tell that lifting my arm up was easier. The muscle doesn’t seem as hard. Thanks for all you are doing for me.


Denise Concepcion

I have had a back injury for 8 years. I have a herniated L4/5 disk. I have had MANY cortisone shots , facet blocks, coddle blocks, seen a chiropractor and all have helped TO A DEGREE. In lieu of surgery, I have been going to Dr. Chen for approx. 2 months and I have experienced such wonderful pain relief I am amazed!! I am gardening, and raking again without pain and even though I am sore as the end of the day, when I wake up the next day I have NO pain!! Absolutely awesome!! I have never felt this good. I will continue to see her regularly!! I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Jessica Chen for pain relief.


Alia Lasher

I've been going to accupuncture for 15 years and Jessica is by far the best doctor I've been treated by. She is the most tranquil, patient, and compassionate person I know. Each appointment is carefully designed by Jessica to treat the root of the symptoms I may be experiencing. I believe that is the best part about my visits with her... no matter what I complain about, it could be a million things in one session, I always have a great mediation at her office and feel improvements each day afterwards. She is so quick to pick up what is needed and treat the problem. Thank you Jessica for being such a gift to this world and offering the public your talent and skills.


Lamarcus Roper

Dr. Chen is the best! My wife and I went to her for acupuncture when we were trying to conceive. She was awesome and appointments were easy to schedule. She was very thorough and explained the treatments in detail. She definitely helped us in achieving our goal. We love Dr. Chen!


Michael Lawton

I have swelling around my feet and ankles. I had tried everything to try to alleviate it but I could not to no avail. Going to an acupuncture therapist was something that I didn't want to do out of apprehension, but I also didn't want to continue to live with swollen extremities either. So I Googled acupuncture therapist that was near me and I found a list of businesses that I lived by. I went to Dr. Chen with hesitation of not knowing what to expect but Dr. Chen was very professional. She inquured about my medical history and provided me with outstanding service, setting me at ease about any concerns that I had about the acupuncture session. Within two sessions, I could physically see only minimum swelling around my feet and ankles. My socks and shoes are no longer tight to wear either. Thank you Dr. Chen for your services.

Stephen Johnston
I have had back pain for a long period of time.  Particularly in the summer, my back pain becomes severe.  A while ago, I visited Dr. Chen's office for the treatment of my back pain.   I was amazed that my pain was significantly decreased after two treatments.  After the third treatment, my back pain disappeared.  This is absolutely wonderful.  It really works.  Thank you so much Dr. Chen.   I would recommend and encourage  Dr. Chen highly to anyone who is considering acupuncture as alternative treatment for pain an illness.

Ben Dover
For many years I struggled with insomnia and anxiety. I was very tired of prescription medicines and living with their side effects.  A friend suggested that I try acupuncture as an alternative.  I found Dr. Chen locally in Snellville GA near where I live.  She is very kind and was confident that she could remedy my problems.  After a combination of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs I am now sleeping well and have little to no anxiety.  I wish I would have tried this years ago.  Thank-you Dr. Chen!

Beth Elam
I have nerve damage from a L3-4 fusion 8 years ago. Starting in my back that goes down my leg, I also have fibromyalgia. Jessica has been so gentle, but also encouraging, so she can place the correct location and quantity of needles. I am amazed at how quickly she finds the problem areas, and honestly sometimes I don't even feel it. One thing I really appreciate is her treatment plan, since I have a lot of problem areas we discuss what's most important and what can wait. I never feel a hard sell, like "this is going to take 10 sessions so let's set up a payment plan", THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!   Jessica has brought great relief to my pain. I am so glad I found her.

Charles Ogunnoiki
Dr.Chen is truly a professional. I was going through  severe back and nerve pain until I met her. I had couple of  acupuncture sessions that helped me with both problem areas. I will always recommend her to anybody. Her professionalism is second to none. Thanks Dr. Chen. 

Lou Cancilla
I have had reoccurring shoulder pain for at least 10 years. Lately exercising has become more and more difficult. I have tried prescription anti-inflammatory drugs and over the counter medicines as well.  I even had some success with chiropractic adjustments.  But not until after I found Dr. Chen was I able to get relief from my chronic shoulder pain and regain flexibility.  I am a firm believer in acupuncture now as an alternative to western solutions.  And if you never experienced acupuncture before Dr. Chen is very professional and comfortable to work with. I highly recommend her to assist you with your health issues.

Erin Clark

Dr. Chen has helped me over the last year with a few different issues. She is always professional and very knowledgeable. Dr. Chen is very accommodating with her schedule, and is always able to fit me in quickly.


Tiffany J.

I was a patient of Dr. Chen for over a year while going through IVF. She was always very friendly, rkknowledgable, professional and compassionate. When I found out that I was pregnant she was the kfirst one to congratulate me and was genuinely happy for me. I have recommended Dr. Chen to several of my friends and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in acupuncture.


Richard Adams
I had severe shoulder and neck pain before  visiting Dr. Chen.  After the first treatment, my pain was decreased quite a bit.  After the second treatment, I experienced even less pain.  I am very grateful for such caring and professional treatments.  Now, my shoulder and neck feel totally normal. Thank you, Dr. Chen.  You are the best.

Adrian Patrick
I have been a patient of Dr. Chen for several months. I have an issue with my vision being impaired due to excess fluid retention after suffering from several strokes. A top western medical doctor at Emory told me that there would be virtually no chance of recovering my peripheral vision loss on my left side. First I want to say I was devastated and depressed, after searching and doing research on accupuncture, I decided to give accupuncture a try. So I have utilized the services of several accupuncturists. I am very happy with the results of accupuncture because it caused blood to flow and circulate and I started receiving much needed oxygen in affected parts of my brain that control eye function. I highly recommend accupuncture and Dr. Chen specifically because she is extremely knowledgable and she listens. Her knowledge of the central nervous system is incredible. I am extremely happy that I found her. I Highly Recommend.


Tayo’s Testimonial

I found 53 Acupuncture and Massage while searching for the best Acupuncturists near Atlanta to help me with a chronic ailment which I have been suffering from for well over four years now. Prior to this, I followed my primary physician's advice and recommendations but I reached a point where I was no longer making any noticeable progress and my hopes of achieving a full recovery had all be vanished.
I called around the Atlanta-area explaining my situation to different Acupuncturists looking for someone who, not only had experience successfully treating my ailment, but was willing to go the extra mile since my issue was so deep-rooted. Most of the places I called said they had some experience treating my issue but no-one really sounded very optimistic. Some even sounded completely disinterested after I told them how long I had been suffering. But when I spoke to Dr. Chen I was pleasantly surprised by her knowledge and willingness to help. She was realistic about my chances of success BUT she was very confident given her past successes.

After reading more about 53 Acupuncture and Massage I made and appointment for my first treatment. I found Dr. Chen both friendly and professional as she listened to, examined and treated me. She was even receptive to medical articles and research that I had found which I thought might be of help in my rehab. After my first visit it was easy to schedule another. After several treatments I honestly started to see measureable progress! Thanks to Dr. Chen's practice I am both excited and confident that I will make a full recovery and will continue my rehabilitation under her care until I do so.


Shoulder Pain

I have had reoccurring shoulder pain for at least 10 years. Lately exercising has become more and more difficult. I have tried prescription anti-inflammatory drugs and over the counter medicines as well. I even had some success with chiropractic adjustments. But not until after I found Dr. Chen was I able to get relief from my chronic shoulder pain and regain flexibility. I am a firm believer in acupuncture now as an alternative to western solutions. And if you never experienced acupuncture before Dr. Chen is very professional and comfortable to work with. I highly recommend her to assist you with your health issues.

L. Cancilla,  March 2018



I have been going to Dr. Chen for many years now and have found her to be a compassionate and caring professional. I have always been pleased with her treatment and professional demeanor. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture as an alternative to traditional Western medicine and potentially harmful drug-based therapies.

B.N.,  March 2018




   I really want to say thank you Dr. Chen! I have Osteoarthritis in both hands, my right knee and hip.  The pain was so bad that it bothered me almost every night. I prefer not to take pain medicine with side effects. After six visits for acupuncture, I now have much less pain and no longer wake up at night hurting.  I am happy to recommend Dr. Chen for acupuncture.

O. Porter, February 2018

If you are ready to quit smoking and need help, you should call Dr. Chen. Her acupuncture on my ears as well as the herbal liquid which I put on the cigarette filter really helped me.  Her treatment also reduced the stress and anxiety I was feeling.  Thanks again Dr. Chen.

Kent, Snellville



Sholder and Neck Pain

There are many things I love about Dr. Chen. The most prominent being that she always makes me feel better. Within 1 to 5 visits to Dr. Chen, my ailments have completely resolved. Dr. Chen does not require expensive tests, nor does she prescribe prescription medication that come with nasty side effects, and her treatments do not require expensive surgery with long recovery periods. Her acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs have successfully treated painful neuropathy in both arms that affected my sleep, a neck and back injury that plagued me for years before seeing Dr. Chen, and a shoulder injury from working out at the gym. When I first saw Dr. Chen, I was surprised that acupuncture did not hurt; rather, I simply feel pressure from the acupuncture needles and I find the treatment not only healing, but relaxing. If you are in need of pain relief, I highly recommend Dr. Chen at 53 Acupuncture and Massage in Snellville, GA.


Denise Garrett



Dear Dr. Chen,

I must thank you and praise the value of Acupuncture that has restored my health problem. I experienced new onset of swelling and discomfort in both lower extremities. I also noticed reduced sensation in the toes and bottom of both feet that a physician said was neuropathy. Understanding only the basic mechanics of Acupuncture, I pursued that pathway to stop the progress of these symptoms. I was totally in disagreement with the proposed medical intervention to correct the 'venous statis'. I began twice a week treatment with Dr. Chen and with persistence I began to see improvement.


I also developed a very pleasant relationship with Dr. Chen who was kind, professional and encouraging. This seemed to be more complicated than other situations because of the dual issues.  Dr. Chen was very confident that neural and vascular compromise could be corrected. My symptoms gradually improved in just about two months and I am elated at the success of the Acupuncture methods. 


Actually, I noted a subtle physical sense of well being as other organs of my body responded to the stimulation.

It is noted by my personal experience that Acupuncture is a total body concept that will restore health to a specific issue but will also leave your entire body from head to toe in better condition. Thank you again Dr. Chen,


Linda Thompson



IVF and Infertility

Hi Dr, Chen 

I wanted to tell you how wonderful it has been coming to you and having you help me after all this time.

I had tried acupuncture before without success, but when I started to come to your office I had results from the start.  I have been trying to have a baby for the past 8 years and had tried IUI several times without a positive result.  We were going to try IVF and I found you online and read about another patient of yours that had success.  I am 44 years old and my blood pressure was elevated.  Not so high that I was on meds for it, but high enough for all of the fertility doctors to be concerned about me being pregnant.  Thank you for helping me get that down and keep that down where it is no longer an issue for me

With the IVF treatment coming, you continued to support me and work on getting my body ready to accept and keep the embryo, with great success, we are 22 weeks pregnant and carrying our daughter.  I wanted to say thank you - thank you for not just performing the acupuncture, but advising me on how to keep warm, and take care of myself to conceive our child via IVF on the first try.

Thanks is not enough.  We will send you a picture when she arrives in Jan 2017.  
LaCole G.



I began seeking alternative treatment for my alopecia about two months ago.   The disease resurfaced after almost 10 years and Modern medicine wasn't working this time around.  
Dr. Chen   made me feel comfortable and was confident my hair would grew back. With her suggested at home treatments accompanied with biweekly acupuncture treatments,   my hair is finally growing back.   I had no growth prior to coming to see Dr. Chen and instead,   the bald spot was growing.  
I am thankful to have such great results so far after dealing with this stubborn immune disorder.   I highly recommend Dr. Chen if you are experiencing alopecia related hair loss to stress and other environmental factors.  


Before and After Photos


Nereida from Snellville, October 2017




I' m only 54 and have had osteoarthritis since I was 35. Gripping and holding books becomes a problem not being able to let go of some things becomes a problem and cold is horrible. I've been going to Dr. Chen for acupuncture treatments for almost a year and my hands feel so much better after the treatment each week. There's less ache, I can use my hands more, and I just plain feel better.  


I would definitely recommend Dr. Chen's acupuncture for arthritis.  
Michelle from Snellville, October 2017


Exhaustion after kidney surgery
Three weeks after having surgery to remove one kidney I was still exhausted and had no energy to cope with daily tasks.  Friends advised me that acupuncture might help and I began treatment with Dr. Chen.  She is a skilled practitioner and after five sessions I have a lot more energy.  One of my neighbors recently told me that he has noticed all the work I have been doing in my yard and is glad that I am so much better. 
Thank you Dr. Chen.
Anne from Snellville



Neuropathy and others

Dear Dr. Chen, I must thank you and praise the value of Acupuncture that has restored my health problem. I experienced new onset of swelling and discomfort in both lower extremities.  I also noticed reduced sensation in the toes and bottom of both feet that a physician said was neuropathy.
Understanding only the basic mechanics of Acupuncture, I pursued that pathway to stop the progress of these symptoms. I was totally in disagreement with the proposed medical intervention to correct the 'venous statis'. I began twice a week treatment with Dr. Chen and with persistence I began to see improvement. This seemed to be more complicated than other situations because of the dual issues.  
Dr. Chen was very confident that neural and vascular compromise could be corrected. My symptoms gradually improved in just about two months and I am elated at the success of the Acupuncture methods. Actually, I noted a subtle physical sense of well being as other organs of my body responded to the stimulation. It is also noted by my personal experience that Acupuncture is a total body concept that will restore health to a specific issue but will also leave your entire body from head to toe in better condition.
I also developed a very pleasant relationship with Dr. Chen who was kind, professional and encouraging.  Thank you again Dr. Chen,
Linda Thompson
Legs and back
I was treated on 09/16 and 09/26 by Dr. Chen for leg and back pain, after first visit (I) had "no" more pain in legs or back. I had these pains for years. I'm a true believer in acupuncture and highly recommend her.
Thank you,
Keith Harris
Hand Pain

I would like to thank you Dr Chen. For your  acupuncture service. After 4 visits.The pain I had from trigger finger which bothered me badly is now gone.  I'm very happy to recommend your services to others.  Thanks again!


Don in Snellville

All over body pain
I have MS, and I have been suffering with all over body pain, spasticity (stiffness) muscle spasms, fatigue as well as a host of other problems.  I have tried everything except acupuncture.  I have been doing a lot of research on it and finally decided to try it on December 26, 2014 for the first time.  I have had about 6 sessions and my pain level has dropped from a 6/7 on a scale of 1-10 to about a 2.  I swear by it now.  Every western Doctor that I went to told me that because I have MS it can cause more harm to me than benefit me.  However when you are in pain every single day of your life, sleep about 2-3 hours a night, any relief is welcome.  I can get out of the bed now and walk my dogs 4x's per week, something I only got to do maybe 2x's per month.  The muscle spasms that I was having has diminished, my energy level is up, my spasticity is down, I am sleeping every night and I am able to lead a some what normal life.  Thank you, Dr. Chen, you gave me my life back!!!
Mawusi from Lawranceville



Bell's Palsy

In September 2012 I was stricken with Bell’s palsy which left me with some Paralysis/Numbness on the left side of my face. Bell’s palsy can be very painful and I also suffered from severe pain in my left ear from a nerve that was affected by the illness.


Not knowing about my illness and with my doctor not offering me much information or assurance of how long it would be before I recuperated, I started searching on line for an explanation of how the disease could be treated and how long my recovery would take before I saw any improvement.


Searching through the website on acupuncture I came across Dr. Hong. I had never had acupuncture before. After seeing some videos of other people who had Bell’s palsy they highly recommended that their illness had been shortened and they healed very well from having acupuncture.


From the very first visit I found Dr. Chen a very nice and pleasant person and immediately I felt comfortable. Her knowledge and credentials that I read on her website also made me know after meeting her that I anticipated my healing would be successful and it was.


I had 2 treatments with acupuncture and my family and I saw immediate changes in my face. The swelling and numbness in my face change and the pain in my ear within that first week begin to be less. I continued my visit as she recommended and within less than 2 month I had regain my original smile back.


I still am a patient of Dr. Chen and continue treatments for other concerns I my have. Her practice and her true concerns about your health when I return for occasional visit always make me know that she will do what is necessary in helping my body maintain the natural wellness that it is capable of doing.


Thank you Dr. Hong Jessica Chen for bringing your practice to our community and helping to return my health.


Cheryl Bharath

Grayson, Georgia


Bell's Palsy Recovery Patient 4 weeks after being stricken with Bell's Palsy September 25, 2012


Acupuncture as prevention

I began visiting Dr. Chen in April 2013. I had always been interested in acupuncture for prevention but had yet to find a doctor near me. I noticed Dr. Chen's office and did some reviewing and every review was positive. My initial visit was very informative and I decided I had made the right decision.


Dr.Chen has treated such ailments as headaches, backaches, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and all without side effects! Dr. Chen also understands the needs our hectic work and family schedules and has been very flexible with her scheduling to meet my needs. I have also begun using Chinese herbs that Dr. Chen has recommended for stress and tonifying!


Dr. Chen's acupuncture practice has become an essential part of my prevention healthcare regimen and I look forward to working with her for many years.


Thank you!


BDA Lilburn



Very Supportive

I initially went to Dr. Chen to help me gain weight. I didn't realize how much I needed her help when I got there. She was very supportive and patient with me. She always gave me lots of hope and pushed me in the right direction to change my bad lifestyle habits. Most of those habits were very old from childhood and were impossible to change before coming to her. Some of my lifestyle choices were new and were also very detrimental to my health.  She never got tired of gently pushing me in the right direction. I used to see her for 2 times a week which was very helpful because I needed all the reinforcements and reminders. Her acupuncture treatments were top notch. Although I don't understand how acupuncture works, I know that it does. She told me that my spleen meridian was very low in energy. She put me on many different herbs, vitamins and a special diet to help. She even got me ingredients for a special Chinese tea that is very delicious and healthy and introduced me to moxibustion. My suggestion for anyone doing acupuncture for the first time is to trust Dr. Chen and have faith. It may seem like the symptoms she is treating are "unrelated" but one by one when each symptom was getting better, my digestion was getting better. She is also a very intuitive person. She kept track of the health and emotional issues I had each week and she noticed a trend that I was mostly unhappy and had debilitating menstrual pain. She decided to shift focus on these issues along with strengthening my digestion and I started to feel even better overall. Because most of my problems were lifelong, it took months to see real changes. Other issues like my menstrual pain, depression and headaches, literally only 1 session made me feel incredible relief. So much so that I used to tell her that she really is a miracle! I started to notice my confidence and self-determination was improving and I had a better outlook in life.  Without her help I would have still had so many internal and external blockages in my life that were literally destroying me. I've since gained 15 pounds and I know that she laid the foundation for that in many different ways. She is a genuinely caring person and I wish everyone can get to experience acupuncture through someone as professional and genuine as Dr.Chen. If I ever need help for physical or emotional issues I definitely know who I can trust!


D.E. - Sandy Springs, GA



Morning Sickness

Dr. Chen is fabulous! I contacted her early in my pregnancy (8 ½ weeks) because I was too sick to function. Morning, afternoon, and night I was vomiting and could hardly keep anything down (even taking Zofran.) After my first visit I was able to go home and eat a full meal, something I had not done in weeks! I have now been seeing Dr. Chen for a few weeks and I'm happy to say my sickness is down to a minimal and my full appetite is back! I would highly recommend giving her a try no matter the issue.


Nikole G.



Pain from gout

I contacted Dr. Chen because she is a preferred provider in my insurance network. I had experienced great pain in both feet caused by recurrent gout flares for the past three months. To be honest, I was not at all certain that acupuncture would be effective but I had gotten to the point that I would try anything! After the first acupuncture treatment, I began to notice relief both from the pain and swelling within twenty four hours. Since then, I have had two more acupuncture sessions and I plan to continue! It is absolutely painless and, so far, the results speak for themselves. Additionally, Dr. Chen is a delightful and kind practitioner and I have confidence in her knowledge and methods. I am happy to recommend her to anyone for whom acupuncture is a possibility.


Jim C



Back and Shoulder Pain

I went to Dr. Chen after over a year and a half of back and shoulder pain. I had already seen my primary care physician, a neurologist and had an MRI on my neck trying to figure out what was wrong with my back and shoulder. Basically, I feel like I wasted near $1000.00 on people telling me nothing was wrong. After my first visit at 53 acupuncture and masssage, my pain was cut in half. By the end of my fourth visit, it was all but gone. My only regret is that I did not do this, first. The body is an intricate thing and Dr. Chen has a full understanding of it. Who knew that two needles in my right thumb would open up pathways to my left shoulder and release all of the tension and pain! Incredible. I only wish I could afford to continue treatments.


Matthew D



Chronic and Acute Neck Pain

Dr. Chen is amazing! I suffered from chronic and acute neck pain which bothered me so much that affect my daily life for months before I found her. With only a few treatments, I have been pain-free and able to enjoy life again. I am a true believer in the miracle of acupuncture.


Kim in Lawranceville



Foot Pain

I came to Dr.Chen for the pain on the top of my right foot. The pain was unknown and got worse and worse. My job keeps me walking a lot so my foot really bothered me pretty much especially during my work. Fortunately I found Dr. Chen online and went to her for acupuncture. After even the first treatment, I felt much better. The pain reduced by 80%. And then after second visit, I rarely experience the pain. I know a lot of people don’t like needles but I have to say that acupuncture really works!


Joal W. in Snellville




I have been tring to get pregnant for two years.  I had even done IUI two times and failed.  I did a lot of infertility tests last year such as HSG, Laparoscopy, Prolactin, TSH, Proesterone,  Semen Analysis etc., which all showed I was normal.  In January this year,  I went to Dr. Chen seeking acupuncture for my infertility.  She suggested  I have acupuncture once a week and gave me  Chinese herbs.  After six treatments,  I got pregnant!  I was so surprised that Dr. Chen’s acupuncture treatments works so quickly and I thought I would need more treatments.  I was so happy that I came to her office to share the good news with Dr. Chen.   She was very excied and hugged me when she knew that I had been pregnant for weeks.  I told her that I would continue to see her if I had negative pregnancy side effects.


I really appreciate Dr. Chen and strongly recommend her to anyone needing help with getting pregnant or for her wellness therapies.


Karen Yeargin


IVF and Fertility

I had never tried acupuncture before, but I went to Dr. Chen to increase the success of my IVF. I found her by google search and read one of the testimonials from her patience who also treated her infertility.


Yes, Dr. Chen was exactly what the review said…very compassionate and patient-oriented. At the first visit, she explained how acupuncture will benefit IVF treatment, interviewed me about my schedule, and suggested me six treatments including the day before and on the day of embryo transfer and. On the day of transfer was Saturday, but she was willing to make her available for the treatment right after the transfer.


Throughout my treatment, she explained why she uses the needle for that point and also adjusted the needle size, depending on my physical condition for the day. Since I was a bit nervous about acupuncture with no previous experience, this made me feel comfortable about treatment. After the last treatment, she gave me a hug, wishing my success. When I called her about my pregnancy, she was very happy for me. Now I am busy with being a mom.


I recommend Dr. Chen for your health problem, especially, if you have fertility problem.





Back pain, insomnia, anxiety

This is really two testimonials combined into one, but I can’t give my own testimonial without explaining how I heard about Dr. Chen. I have three herniated disks in my lower back, and have had lower back pain for thirty years because of it. Doctors prescribe drugs and physical therapy, which only helps for a little while. My job requires me to sit at a computer, and last May I was experiencing lower back pain so bad that I couldn’t sit at my desk for more than ten minutes at a time. My neighbor suggested I go to Dr. Chen instead of going to my doctor, because after her husband had been given radiation treatments for throat cancer, he lost all sensation in his feet. He took prescription drugs and went to a chiropractor three times a week for almost a year to try and restore the feeling in his feet, but it did not help. Then his doctor suggested that he try acupuncture as a last resort. He made an appointment with Dr. Chen, and she restored most of the sensation in his feet. So I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Chen in May for my lower back pain. After the first session, I walked out of her office without limping. After three sessions, my pain was completely gone. I went back to Dr. Chen a few months ago to ask for help with recurring insomnia and anxiety. Through a combination of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs, I am now sleeping well and have little to no anxiety. She is so kind and considerate. One time I mentioned I was curious about cupping therapy, and asked what it was used for. She offered to give me a cuping treatment for free so I could experience it firsthand. I can’t say enough about how skilled she is in figuring out exactly what to do for you. Thank you, Dr. Chen.



Severe pain in arm and shoulder

My husband suffered from a severe pain in his arm and shoulder. Having recently moved to the area, we went on the internet to find an accupuncturist. We were fortunate to get an appointment with Dr. Chen the next day. After the first treatment, my husband could feel a difference in his arm. After the second treatment, the pain had subsided and he was able to move his arm freely. This was his first experience with an accupuncturist, and he is now an avid adocate for the treatment. Dr. Chen was very thorough in explaining her technique, she is a very pleasant, knowledgeable and caring person, and my husband is a firm believer in pain management through accupuncture treatments. We are grateful to you Dr. Chen.


Jean A.



Lisa's Testimonial

I went to Dr. Chen because I had lost all hope. After four spinal surgeries, a morphine pain pump and strong narcotic medication, my pain was only worse. I could not walk up steps, sit for any period of time or drive a vehicle. The weekend before I went to Dr. Chen for the first time, I told my husband that I seriously contemplated taking my own life.


That weekend I read an article about acupuncture that included a study about its efficacy in patients with back pain. I remember something about a 33% decrease in pain levels. I thought that a 10% decrease would be worth it to me. I searched on the internet and found Dr. Chen. Her background and training in Bejiing, China appealed to me. I made an appointment and headed for her office that day.


Dr. Chen talked to me extensively about my pain, taking notes and really listening. She took her time. After working with me in massage, she observed that I had no range of motion in my arms. I couldn’t raise my arms above my head. In fact, I couldnt raise them above my shoulder.


She began the acupuncture process and after placing a few needles she said ” After I place these needles, I want you to raise your arms above your head,” showing me how I would do it again and again. I looked at her and skeptically said, ” You think putting those needles in my legs is going to make me be able to raise my arms?” Of course, she replied emphatically “yes!”

I did it! I raised my arms above my head for the first time in years. After one session with Dr. Chen, I was standing taller, walking much better and sitting without pain. The next weekend, I went to my daughter’s graduation, sat for several hours and then went to dinner afterwards. This, to me, was a miracle. I would never have been able to do that before my acupuncture treatments. I have taken my older daughter shopping, visited Legoland with my eight-year-old and have begun to enjoy life again.


I continue to faithfully attend my sessions and I have already begun to wean off the narcotic medications. I quit increasing the strength of medicine in my pain pump. With Dr. Chen’s help, I plan to completely quit taking oral medication and begin to decrease the pain pump with the goal of having it removed by the end of the year. I am planning a trip to Disney World, something I never could have considered in my previous condition.


Dr. Chen literally saved my life. I am a believer in acupuncture therapy for pain of any kind. God blessed me by leading me to Dr. Chen. She is truly a kind, compassionate and extremely gifted practioner.






I began seeing Dr. Chen about 4 weeks ago for two problems: bottom of both feet being numb and sometimes painful, and left knee in constant pain. At this point, I have no pain in my knee and my feet are feeling better, and I have 2 more treatments left. My knee and feet are feeling better than they have in years, all due to my treatments with Dr. Chen. I was skeptical that acupunture stimonialwould work, but it has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dr. Chen for helping me become pain free!!!!!



Malcom's Testimonial

After suffering with shoulder and neck pain & limited mobility in both for over six years, I decided to try another direction for controlling my problem.  I visited the office of Dr Chen.  After the first treatment, pain was decreased and mobility increased amazingly.  After the second treatment, I experienced more mobility and even less pain. Along with the exercises she prescribed, I will continue to follow up on treatment.  I am amazed at these results.  Dr Chen is very professional in her use of acupuncture.  Thank you, Dr Chen.


Malcolm Carson



Michael's Testimonial

I came to Dr. Chen suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain from an injury that is over 10 years old. I had been through physical therapy, several surgeries, and was taking hydrocodone and a host of other prescribed medications to try to relieve the constant pain. I could not sleep more than a few hours a night, and was easily fatigued because of the lack of strength in my injured neck and shoulder. This condition was badly effecting my work and home life, and I needed to try something different, as previous efforts were not working.


Dr. Chen did a comprehensive assessment of my problems and medical history on my first visit, and explained the treatments involved, including the projected number of visits I might need. She also assigned a series of simple and achievable stretches and exercises to do between visits. While in treatment, she checked my status and comfort following the placement of each needle.


She created a relaxing and safe atmosphere during each session. By the third session, I had regained a range of motion that I had not experienced in several months. My pain was at the lowest levels I can remember in at least the same amount of time. I am so grateful for Dr. Chen’s treatments, and will continue to be a patient of hers for many years to come.



Michael Faulkner



Melissa H. Testimonial

I first came to Dr Chen when my regular doctor said my bad knee pain was just because I was getting older, and did nothing. So I just thought I’d give acupunture a try, and came to Dr Chen. I am now a believer in the positive results of acupunture!!! I also get great massages from her and this has helped me in other areas. I think she is great – she spends time listening to what’s wrong, asks great questions on physical and health routine – before doing anything. . She has great follow-up – how often does YOUR doctor call to see how you’re doing after treatments… And she has great practical advice to continue my improvement. I recommend her very highly!



Testimonial – IVF

When I first came to visit Dr. Chen about two months ago I was having issues with infertility and back pain.  I have been trying to conceive about 3 years with no success. Before I met Dr. Chen, I started my first IVF treatment and started seeing two other acupuncture specialist in Atlanta, but the first IVF treatment failed. I had bad side effects from the fertility drugs and according to my fertility doctor my FSH level was little high.  I end up getting sick with OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and was bedridden for a week.  So, I took a break for about 6 months.  I decided to try IVF second time and prayed that I will not get sick and succeed.  I also decided that I wanted to find an acupuncture specialist close to home and that’s when I found Dr. Chen. My first encounter with Dr. Chen was very pleasant and I felt like I knew her for a long time. I first spoke to Dr. Chen over the phone, I explained the problems I was having and what I hoped for with the therapy. Dr. Chen was really patient and understood what I hoped for and was really confident in treating me.  When I first met with Dr. Chen she listened to my infertility history and advised me on nutrition and my lifestyle which also can help fertility. Dr. Chen was very encouraging and comforting as I started the treatment. I love that she was so accommodating with my busy work schedule and flexible even on the weekends. So, I started seeing Dr. Chen on a weekly basis to help with my infertility and my back pain as I started my second IVF treatment.  As I started the treatment with Dr. Chen, my back pain was relieved and my FSH was normal and I did not get sick from   fertility drugs this time. I was relieved and felt hopeful.  Well, the IVF treatment was successful and I am two months pregnant! When I first called Dr. Chen to inform her of my good news she was so elated and congratulated me.  She was so sweet and was genuinely happy for me.  Thanks to Dr. Chen it really helped me get through the IVF treatment with minimal side effects. I continue to see Dr. Chen to prevent miscarriage and negative pregnancy side effects.  Dr. Chen is a like friend who cares about your well being and I highly recommend her to anyone.




Unbelievable ! How much acupuncture has helped a lot. I had the lower back pain for several days, so I went to Dr.Chen’s office for the treatment, my pain had been totally gone after 2 time treatments I was so happy totally free of the pain. I am so happy with Dr.Chen’s skill. and have confidence in the acupuncture treatment. Thanks Dr. Chen !



Shane's Testimonial

I would like to take the time to tell you about my experience with Dr. Jessica Chen. On Father’s Day I was working in my garden when my wife brought me out a smoothie. I went from being on all fours to standing and back again in a flash. As I stood up I was ceased by a back spasm that caused me to have to be carried into my home to the couch where I remained unable even to stand to go to the restroom or make it to my bed for three days. My father was Chinese/ Hawaian and I remember him helping my mother with headaches with massage and acupressure, I had also been on mussel relaxers and pain pills for the three days with no relief.


I found Dr. Chen on the internet and made an appointment for later that day. I arrived there using a walker and in pain but better than when I couldn’t even rise from the couch. I had my first treatment ever with a hope in my heart. One hour later, I walked out of my treatment room with no walker and to my wife’s surprise a twinkle in my eye and in no pain. To say I was excited is an understatement. I had my second treatment last Sunday and I went back to work on Monday. No pills after my first treatment and I’m back to my regular schedule. My son in law said he had had the same experience with his back and had been on his back for three weeks with western treatment. Not to mention all the drugs he had to take.

To say I recommend Dr. Chen is an understatement. It felt like magic to me. Also I’m going to my last appointment (3) today. Dr. Chen didn’t string me along for a lot of treatments. Thank you, Dr. Chen for your help. I believe in you.


Shane Kahn
Loganville, Ga.



Wendy’s Testimonial

I had a very bad sciatic pain on my low back and hip.  My friend told me to go to Dr. Chen. I only had two acupuncture treatments from her, my pain has surprisingly gone. I’m very happy with her skill.


Wendy Cheng

Lilburn, GA



Gregory’s Testimonial

Dr. Chen is exceptionally professional…skilled and refreshingly easy to speak with. .She’s very accommodating and uncommon to the status quo she practices true customer service…If she could patent, bottle, market and sell her brand of service the medical industry would be better off for it.”


Gregory Daley

Snellville, GA



Rulencia’s Testimonial

I came to Dr. Chen because my family and I were involved in a car accident.   When I first started out, Dr. Chen put only few needles in. Then over time she increased the needles when I was ready.  She has helped me greatly with my back pain.  I went from being hunched over to being able to sit up straight.  She also helped me tremendously with my terrible pain during my first day of my period.  That released not only my pain but my mom’s worry as well.  I am so thankful to Dr. Chen.


Rulencia Clayton

Snellville, GA



Sharon’s Testimonial

The experience I’ve encountered with Dr. Chen was so amazing!  I can say that Dr. Chen is very concerned about her patients.  She takes her skills to heart and she loves what she does.  I am very thankful to Dr. Chen for my increased recovery from the neck and shoulder pain.  I hope and pray for her continuing success in her endeavors to healing people.  God bless you, Dr. Chen.


Sharon Milbery-Chandler

Snellville, GA



James's Testimonial

I was experiencing significant back pain after a strain that was persisting for nearly two weeks.  It was affecting my work and my ability to sleep.  I made 4 visits with a chiropractor over the course of 10 days without any relief.  The pain continued despite self medicating with OTC pain medications.  I did not want to go the conventional medical route of waiting days for an appointment, x-rays (radiation exposure), prescription pharmaceuticals, and perhaps an invasive procedure.

So instead, I sought out help from Dr. Jessica Chen.  After finishing my first session, it was most incredible the immediate relief of symptoms I experienced.  The vast majority of pain and immobility was improved immediately upon getting up from the treatment.  I had a follow-up session 3 days later, and now I can report near complete resolution of discomfort.


Thank you Dr. Chen for your kindness and expertise!

Best regards,

James Durnell, RN

Loganville, GA

FL Lic RN9164226



Marlene’s Testimonial

I have long been a believer in the benefits of acupuncture, so I was very pleased when Dr. Jessica Hong Chen opened her office in Snellville.   I began treatments with her in the summer of 2010 and see her regularly.  I have had chronic neck/back pain and a life time history of migraines.  Dr. Chen is skilled and sensitive in her treatments and she has provided me with great relief.  She truly listens to her patients and responds quickly and effectively to their needs.  I have found her to be a delightful person who truly wants to help people.  She has that gift and I am so pleased to have found her.  “


Marlene Ratledge Buchanan

Loganville, GA



Thomas’s Testimonial

Dr. Chen,


I want to thank you for the very effective treatments you provided during the past few months.  As you know, I had been suffering from a stubborn case of Gout in my right foot as well as lower back pain which prevented me from getting a good night’s sleep.


I’d been unemployed over a year so my health insurance had expired and seeing a traditional doctor would have been too expensive.  Your acupuncture and massage treatments were very reasonably priced and well within my budget.


After visiting you once a week for about 12 weeks, the pain in my foot subsided allowing me to walk normally again, as well as the pain in my lower back allowing me to return to a normal seep schedule.


Before visiting you,  I was depending on large amounts of aspirin and ibuprofen, and even resorted to buying pain killers from the internet which offered limited help.  I’m now free of these drugs and living quite content.  I will gladly recommend your services to my friends.



Thomas Pepe, Snellville, GA



Valerie’s Testimonial

Dr. Chen,


I am writing to tell you how much acupuncture has helped me!  I remain pain free several days after my treatment this week.  This is the first time in two years that I am totally free of the pain that I had been feeling from sciatica!


Acupuncture has also helped to relieve the problem I have had with a lazy colon (constipation).  I have felt energized by the acupuncture treatment.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your work.