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Combination of Acupuncture and Massage have best result for pain management


Combination of Acupuncture treatment and massage techniques is a powerful treatment method. Acupuncture and Massage is excellent for the reduction of pain and muscle spasm.  Acupuncture and Massage work similarly but complementary to each other.


(1) Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is excellent at pain relief and decreasing muscle spasm. It is very good at improving blood flow to an area, potentially "pushing out" fluids that may contain biochemicals that cause pain and discomfort. Include relief from stress, anxiety...


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I met Dr. Jessica Chen when I was exploring acupuncture and massage for those old nagging aches and pains. You know the ones that we actually created in our youth, when we thought we were invincible.

You remember being young and doing those fancy dives at the swimming pool? How about those times when you picked up 50 pounds as if it were five? Remember catching that pass playing football in the back yard? Playing basketball and even though you were only 5’5”, you thought you could slam dunk? The only thing that was slammed dunked was you. Yeah, my back hurts thinking about it all, too.. Read more...

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